Female hands sowing pumpkin seeds in dark soil

Tips for Seed Sowing Success

Starting your garden from seed is a great way to get exactly the plants you want. Not to mention, it’s often much cheaper than buying starter plants from a nursery.

If you’re new to seed sowing, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Keep reading for our top tips for seed sowing success.

Choose the right containers

When it comes to seed sowing, the type of container you use is important. You’ll want to choose something that is lightweight and easy to transportation, has good drainage, and is the correct size for the amount of space you have available.

Hand holding egg carton with soil and young cucumber seedlings planted in it.
Seedlings in egg carton

If you’re short on space, consider using recycled items like egg cartons or yogurt cups. Poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage before filling with soil.

Use quality potting mix

Don’t skimp on the potting mix. Cheap potting mix is often full of chemicals and low in nutrients, which can stunt the growth of your seedlings. Investing in a good quality potting mix will pay off in the long run by giving your seedlings the best chance to thrive.

Make sure your seeds are fresh

This may seem like common sense, but it’s important nonetheless. Seeds that are more than a year old are less likely to germinate, so check the expiration date before purchasing or starting your seeds.

Follow the instructions on the packaging

Every plant is different, so make sure to read the instructions on your seed packet before getting started. Pay attention to things like how deep to plant your seeds and how much light they need to germinate successfully.

Be patient

The most important tip of all is to be patient. Seed sowing can be a slow process, but we promise it’s worth the wait. Have faith and trust that your little seeds will sprout into healthy plants in due time.


We hope these tips have helped set you on the path towards seed sowing success. Just remember to be patient. It takes time for those little seeds to grow into healthy plants.

But we promise it’ll be worth it when you see your beautiful garden flourishing come springtime.