Sweet Pea Currant Tomatoes growing from the branches

How to Grow Currant Tomatoes

When it comes to growing tomatoes, there are endless varieties to choose from. So, how do you decide which type of tomato to grow in your garden?

If you’re looking for a small, tart, and juicy tomato, then currant tomatoes are the way to go. With their unique flavor and size, these little tomatoes pack a big punch.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about growing currant tomatoes.

Currant tomatoes

Types of Currant Tomatoes

The first step in growing currant tomatoes is to choose the right variety for your garden. There are three main types of currant tomatoes: large red, small red, and black. Large red varieties include ‘Cherry Belle’ and ‘Gardeners Delight.’ Small red varieties include ‘Tommy Toe’ and ‘Red Pearl.’ Black varieties include ‘Black Cherry’ and ‘Black Russian.’

Once you’ve chosen the variety of currant tomato you’d like to grow, it’s time to start planting.

These little beauties are best grown in areas with full sun and well-drained soil. Before planting, be sure to work some compost or organic matter into the soil to help the plants thrive. Currant tomatoes are also heavy feeders, so be sure to fertilize them regularly throughout the growing season.

Pests and Diseases

The good news is that currant tomatoes are relatively disease resistant. However, they can be susceptible to certain pests, such as aphids and tomato hornworms. Be sure to check your plants regularly for signs of pests and take action immediately if you see any.

Handpicking pests off of plants is often the best way to get rid of them without harming the plant. You can also use row covers or insecticidal soap as a preventative measure.

Harvesting Currant Tomatoes

These pint-sized gems are usually ready for harvest about 60-70 days after planting. To tell if a tomato is ripe, gently squeeze it. If it gives slightly to the touch, it’s ready.

Women in a garden harvesting black currant and red currant tomatoes.
Harvesting currant tomatoes

Be sure to harvest regularly throughout the season so that the plant continues producing fruit. Once picked, store tomatoes in a cool place out of direct sunlight.


Now that you know all about growing currant tomatoes, what are your waiting for? Get out there and plant some seeds. With their unique flavor and size, these little tomatoes are sure to be a hit in your garden.